Diode Laser Lightsheer Duet Hair Removal Novi, MI

Diode Laser LightSheer Duet in Novi, MI

What is the Laser LightSheer Duet?

Diode laser Lightsheer Duet produced by American company – Lumenis, is currently state of the art and the best device for laser hair removal in the world, and consequently, offering the best results of epilation. The method of laser hair removal is safe and practically painless. It is a non-invasive technique, which does not damage skin. Lightsheer Duet is a revolutionary and reliable device, guaranteeing effectiveness and desired results. It saves patient’s pain, unpleasant and time-consuming recovery and it completely solves the problem of unwanted body hair. It can also in patients with dark complexion and tanned skin.

Diode Laser LightSheer System in Novi, MI

There are at least a few systems for hair removal available on the market, and they largely differ in effectiveness. We offer our patients a top level service. Our priorities while choosing the right laser were the following:

  • maximum efficiency
  • safety
  • comfort for the patient
  • short time of a single session
  • relatively small number of treatments to achieve satisfying results

Diode laser Lightsheer Duet is the top level device for unwanted body hair removal. The company exists from 1966 and is the worldwide leader in medical and cosmetic laser systems. Diode Laser System has a safety and quality certificate issued by the U.S. FDA (U.S. Department of the Food and Drug Administration), respected around the world.

LightSheer ET Treatment Head in Novi, MI

The LightSheer Treatment Head

LightSheer ET treatment head – to maximise the treatment safety, the hand piece has a unique cooling system, the so-called ChillTip. It is integrated in the small head and in this way, the treatment is skin friendly, comfortable and protects the skin during the treatment, making the procedure less painful. It is great for face, underarms and bikini area.All the time during the session, the temperature of the sapphire tip is maintained at 4°C. In this way, it is a much more efficient cooling, compared with the solutions applied in other devices for hair removal (air-cooling, gels, etc.).