Laser Skin Rejuvenation: Acne / Acne Scars / Surgical Scars/ Wrinkles / Skin Tone in Novi & Troy

laser-skin-rejuvenation-acne-scars-novi-troy-300x229-1Dr. Mune Gowda’s Laser Centers of Novi & Troy offer a variety of the most effective lasers on the market for skin rejuvenation including the Icon Laser by Cynosure – which is tremendously popular for post surgical scar and acne scar treatments and is a remarkably effective laser for anti-ageing and evening out skin tone.

Laser skin rejuvenation for surgical scars and acne scars is a major break-through in the treatment of acne scarring. Icon laser results have been scientifically shown to be better than any other laser system for treating acne scarring and surgical scars. The lasers use a simple but ingenious principle of making hundreds of thousands of microscopic laser pin-pricks in the skin. This causes remodeling of the skin and regeneration of new collagen in a very even distribution, smoothing out the clumps of collagen that exist in acne-scarred skin, and increasing collagen in areas of collagen loss.

“I’ve searched up and down for the best estheticians, doctors, and dermatologists in many cities that I lived. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on trying to improve my skin. It has been a nightmare. But I never saw a huge change in my face from prescription medication, dermatologists, topicals, or the most expensive product. My issues are acne and post acne hyper-pigmentation and bad acne scars. I cannnot even begin to tell you the psychological effects my horrible skin has had on me. One day, my good friend at work recommended me to see Doctor Gowda and raved about how laser skin rejuvenation changed her life – I was skeptical because I never saw her as having bad skin but I decided to go because I was desperate and had nothing to lose. Before going to Dr Gowda and the laser estheticians in Troy, I had to apply mountains of very precise makeup to even leave my house -if you have terrible skin you know the routine and how much time this takes and even after the makeup it is still hard to look in the mirror. Actually, when you have acne and acne scars if you are like me you avoid looking in mirrors all the time. I was always stressed out about my face – it really became a true psychological issue. I read every website including every post on My awful skin was taking over my life. And now, I do not do wear make up when I go to work, but only apply sunblock and minimal eye makeup. This place really changed my life, my self-esteem, my confidence, my everything. I had a mixture of lasers and strong medical facials including chemical peels at Dr. Gowda’s skin center. I had 9 treatments in total in a span of four months. It was the best money I ever spent and I am forever grateful to him and his estheticians for putting up with me and my emotional outburst. I can give no higher recommendation then to say that if you have acne and acne scars there is hope and hope is called Dr Gowda and his team. They gave me my life back.” ~ YELP

With the Icon laser system, depending on the settings, the laser can accomplish remarkably quick outcomes including: 

  • Facial vessel and pigment clearance.
  • Even skin tone.
  • Surgical acne scar reduction.
  • Acne scar reductions.
  • Stretch mark clearance.
  • Wrinkle reduction.
  • Leg vein clearance.
  • Permanent hair reduction.
  • Pigmented lesion removal.
  • Vascular lesion removal.

Quick Facts

  • Medical microdermabrasion (which is offered at our Troy & Novi offices) can be used alongside laser acne therapy for even more dramatic results.
  • We can do a test treatment on darker skin to prevent pigmentation issues.
  • If you have recent sun exposure or significant sunburn, you won’t be treated until it’s healed.
  • Most over-the-counter and prescription creams and medications can be continued during the treatment, with the exception of Accutane.

Read why Dr. Gowd’as Skin & Laser Centers are known to offer the best skin and laser treatments in the city.

As a best in class board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mune Gowda, MD, FACS provides highly personalized and comprehensive care. His philosophy regarding the doctor/patient relationship is based on trust and has earned him one of the most respected reputations in South East Michigan. The top rated plastic surgeon uses the latest laser techniques to provide the most natural-looking results possible from your laser treatment procedure.

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