Breast Lift Surgery in Troy & Novi, MI

Mune Gowda, MD, FACS, a board certified plastic surgeon with two convenient plastic surgery centers (Troy & Novi, MI), is a highly trained and sought after plastic surgeon who offers advanced breast lift plastic surgery to patients from across Michigan. He is dedicated to furnishing all his patients the naturally beautiful look they desire utilizing the latest, cutting edge minimal scar techniques to uplift the breast and make the appearance more youthful.

In most cases, Dr. Gowda can lift and rejuvenate your breast with a small “nipple” (areola) incision, avoiding the dreaded anchor scar on the breast skin that was historically associated with this surgery. With breast lift plastic surgery – the scar will fade an inevitably become imperceptible.

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Breast Lift Combined with Implants

If volume to the breast is also required, breast augmentation with breast implants can be added at the time of the breast lift or during a later breast augmentation procedure. In cases where the droopiness of the breast is of a mild or moderate degree, breast implants can strategically be  placed to rejuvenate the appearance of a more youthful breast shape without the requirement for the scar associated with a lift. This clinical be decision is usually made in cases where patients who have had children now experience deflated, sagging breasts. In all cases, careful consideration must be given as to the particular situation of the patient and what appropriate solution is required in that circumstance. The board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mune Gowda, MD, FACS can help patients decide which breast lift options are best for them with a consultation at our practice.

A Well-Shaped Breast is Comprised of a Few Key Elements

  • An upper pole that slopes gently from the collar-bone down to the nipple.
  • A nipple that is at the point of maximum projection of the breast, and ideally above the junction of the breast with the lower chest/abdominal wall.
  • A rounded lower pole of the breast that joins the lower rib cage at a concise line.

Breasts sag due to loss of shape and volume as the tissue loses elasticity with the effects of gravity, the normal ageing process, pregnancy and breastfeeding, or significant weight loss.

Breast Lift Procedure Details

Various incision patterns are possible for your specific breast lift procedure and the plastic surgeon’s objective is to remove excess skin and then stitch the remaining tissue in place so that the breasts have a more youthful, pert appearance. The main incisions may be:

  • Circular, following the outline of the areola around the nipple.
  • Around the outside of the areola, where it meets the skin of the breast, and then vertically downwards towards the breast crease.
  • For larger, more pendulous breasts further incisions may be made at the side of the breasts to remove excess skin and fatty tissue.

When the sag of the breasts is relatively minor, a breast lift can be achieved with a breast implant alone. In this case, your shape and firmness will be improved, and your breast size will also increase.

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