FaceTite & AccuTite

What FaceTite and AccuTite is:

FaceTite & AccuTite Equipment Troy & Novi MI

FaceTite and AccuTite are FDA-approved minimally invasive contouring treatments using RFAL (radiofrequency assisted lipolysis) to reduce fat and tighten skin. The ideal candidate for the FaceTite/AccuTite procedure is a healthy adult who desires improvement of skin laxity using minimally invasive technology to deliver good results without the downtime and scarring associated with surgery.

How AccuTite & FaceTite works:

The device uses radiofrequency technology to heat tissue to liquify fat cells and stimulate collagen in order to tighten the skin. Via an 18 gauge needle hole, a cannula is inserted into the skin to heat the layers of the skin in a safe and controlled manner. FaceTite and AccuTite utilize the same technology, however AccuTite is a smaller size hand piece used to precisely target smaller, harder to reach areas.

FaceTite treatment areas:

  • forehead
  • nasolabial folds
  • jowls
  • eyes (crows feet)
  • cheeks
  • mouth
  • jawline
  • neck

AccuTite treatment areas:

  • upper and lower eyelids
  • knees
  • elbows
  • axilla
  • nasolabial folds
  • face/neck 
  • axillary breast tissue
  • upper arms
  • hands

AccuTite & FaceTite Recovery:

This procedure can be done under local anesthetic in office. Most patients return to work 3-5 days after procedure.

AccuTite & FaceTite Treatment time/cost:

Treatment time is about one hour. Pricing varies on dependent on treatment area(s).

Results from AccuTite & FaceTite:

Improvements of contour may be seen immediately, but all effects improve gradually over 3-12 months post procedure.

AccuTite in Troy & Novi MI

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FaceTite in Troy & Novi MI
FaceTite Treatment Troy & Novi MI
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How FaceTite works: