Premium Laser Treatment Devices in Troy & Novi, MI

Premium Laser Treatment Devices Novi & Troy Michigan

Dr. Mune Gowda’s Plastic Surgery Centers of Troy & Novi offer medical grade laser and skin treatments (including medical facials), and as experts in this field, we have chosen the most advanced, effective, and safest medical FDA approved laser devices to treat our patients. We particularly specialize in combination laser treatments, which are the latest advance in skin laser treatments. Lasers can be used for the treatment of many conditions including reducing the appearance of scars including acne scars, skin rejuvenation, treating sun spots or brown spots, reduction in the visibility of blood vessels, facial redness, rosacea, vascular birth marks, fat removal, and for permanent hair removal. We will design a treatment plan best suited to your specific skin care needs.

Why Choose Dr. Gowda for Laser Treatment

We have the expertise, training, credentials, and experience in using all of lasers properly to achieve the best results possible. We take great care in preparation of the skin prior to use of lasers and provide post laser care to ensure optimal results and the fastest healing with the minimal amount of downtime.

For the best results and for accurate diagnosis of your individual requirements we offer a detailed consultation whereby we can personally view your skin and develop a plan for treatment with the best or a combination of the best groups of these lasers to achieve optimal results.

Laser Treatments Across Our Locations

As a best in class board certified plastic surgeon, Mune Gowda, MD, FACS provides highly personalized and comprehensive care. His philosophy regarding the doctor/patient relationship is based on trust and has earned him one of the most respected reputations in South East Michigan. The top rated plastic surgeon uses the latest laser techniques to provide the most natural-looking results possible from your laser treatment procedure.

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