Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping Surgery) in Troy & Novi, MI

Rhinoplasty nose surgery, also known as nose reshaping or a “nose job,” is one of the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures at our Novi and Troy Michigan plastic surgery centers. Rhinoplasty patients come to our best in class plastic surgery centers to see Mune Gowda, MD, FACS, board certified plastic surgeon because he has performed thousands of beautiful rhinoplasty procedures / nose jobs (and counting). Dr. Gowda utilizes the latest technology to create the most natural results.

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Who is a Candidate for Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty patient may choose to reduce or increase the size of their nose, change the shape of the tip or the bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Some people are not comfortable with the nose they were born with, some with the way aging has changed their nose, and others with the way an injury has distorted their nose. From a functional standpoint, some may need a change of their external nasal structure to improve breathing.

A rhinoplasty procedure can correct many aesthetic and functional abnormalities of the nose. Having a well-shaped nose can inspire confidence, and greatly improve the overall balance and beauty of the face.

Our goal is to give you a natural new look that helps you have a more positive self-image. Dr.Gowda believes in making each nose “fit” the patient’s face, so that the resultant appearance doesn’t look artificial or “done.” Each rhinoplasty Dr. Gowda has performed was unique and tailored to the individual patient as the ideal centerpiece of his or her face.

Will Insurance Cover my Rhinoplasty?

Only a Septoplasty may have the possibility of being covered by insurance.

About the Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty is performed utilizing concealed incisions inside the nose. In some cases, a small “w-shaped” incision hidden in the skin of the columella (the structure between your nostrils) is used. For other rhinoplasty patients, Dr. Gowda makes the incision at the base of the alae, the flaring part of the nostrils.
In either case, the bone and cartilage that determine the shape of the nose are carefully sculpted to give the intended result—an ideally-shaped, optimally-functional nose. The nose job surgery is outpatient and can be done with either general anesthesia or with intravenous sedation (“twilight sleep”).

The nose job is more than a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure. Equally important is careful reconstruction of the breathing portion of the nose; this allows for improved breathing along with that newfound pleasing appearance.

Recovery From Rhinoplasty

Advances in medical technology have made this procedure safer and more effective than ever before. Your rhinoplasty will be performed at wither Dr. Gowda’s Novi or Troy plastic surgery center. After surgery, the nose is taped with a nasal splint to hold the support structures in place. Absorbable sutures are used inside the nose. If external incisions are made, there may be sutures that need to be removed on the skin.

Rest assured that there will be no visible scars after you’ve recovered from your surgery. All sculpting and reshaping of bone and cartilage is done inside the nose. You’ll be under general anesthesia during the procedure, and there will be no hospital stay involved. You can go home to recover in comfort the very same day.

A small sponge is placed in the nose to prevent bleeding. The sponge is removed 1-2 days after the rhinoplasty, and the tape and nasal splint are removed on day seven. Mild to moderate bruising underneath the eye for 1-2 weeks may occur. Pain is well-controlled with pain medicine, which Dr. Gowda will prescribe for you.

Rhinoplasty patients may return to normal physical exercise after two weeks. However, contact sports should be avoided for six weeks following surgery.

The decision to proceed with a nose job / rhinoplasty as with any cosmetic plastic surgery requires planning. For all those considering rhinoplasty, Dr. Gowda offers a private consultation in order to provide education, individualized procedure recommendations in line with personal medical history, computer imaging to communicate results visually (projected before and after nose job images), and assistance with the financial investment of plastic surgery.

Dr. Gowda performs rhinoplasty surgery on patients not only from around the Detroit, Michigan area, but from all over the United States and the world; please follow this link if you are from out-of-town:  Out of Town Patient Information

As a best in class plastic surgeon, Dr. Gowda provides highly personalized and comprehensive care. His philosophy regarding the physician/patient relationship is based on trust and has earned him one of the most respected reputations in South East Michigan. The top rated plastic surgeon uses the latest techniques to provide the most natural-looking results possible for your rhinoplastyplastic surgery procedure.

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